Laser Machine & Power Supply

R60 Laser Engraver and Cutter, 70W, 24” x 17”

Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine, 70W CO2 Laser Tube, 24” x 17”with USB and motorized platform






Following Items are included:

-Laser engraver machine

-Honeycomb table

-Air compressor

-Water chiller(CW-3000)

-Exhaust Fan

-Laser tube(70W laser tube)

-Lasercut software and key

-Red dot locater

-High speed USB cord

-One laser head

Applicable material:


-Rotary base with one clip $660

-Rotary base with three clip $1100

-Set of mirrors and lens $159


- One years warranty for the machine(not including laser tube, mirrors and lens)

- Four months warranty for laser tube

- Free installation and training within 300KM from Montreal

- Free tutorial video for installation

- Free delivery in Montreal

* Shipping cost will be calculated base on the buyers location

* Applicable taxes are for Canadian customers


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Moreover, we offer high quality laser engraver and cutter. Each component of laser machine is precise, strong and stable. Our laser machines use advanced Lasercut system and is easy to operate. They are widely applied to the fields of sculpture, textiles, leather, shoes, advertisement, gifts, electronic components, stamps, etc. The laser engraver and cutter improve work efficiency and precision.