Laser Machine & Power Supply

Fiber Marking Machine,20W,175X175MM

Parameters and Characteristic
Machine description Fiber Marking Machine Laser power(W) 20
Model FB-20 Marking scope(mm) 175*175
Marking speed(mm/s) ≤8000 Laser repetition rate 20 KHz-100KHz
Beam quality(M2) ≤2 Gross power(W) ≤500
Min.character size(mm) 0.15 Cooling mode Air cooling
Min line width(mm) 0.01 Laser Life >100,000 hours
Laser wave length(mm) 1064 Volume(mm) 620*590*310
Repetition precision(mm) ±0.002 Dictate format BMP,PLT,DST,AutoCAD,CorelDraw,Photoshop etc.
Machine configuration Adopts SPI fiber laser and high speed galvanometer scanning system. The marking speed is 2-3 times faster than the traditional marking machine
The one unit structure is beautiful,operation is simple,no consumptive parts,and depreciation cost is low,free of maintenance.
Long life time of laser tube(>100,000 hours).
Using high-quality isolators to protect fiber laser window,which enhances the stability and prolongs the laser life.
Beam quality is much better than the traditional marker. As the base module(TEM00) output, diameter of focal spot is less than 20 um.Divergence angle is 1/4 of semiconductor pumped laser. Particularly applicable to fine,precision marking. 
Under WINDOWS interface, compatible with files outputed from software such as CORELDRAW,AUTOCAD,PHOTOSHOP etc.Suppport PLT,AI
Installation conditions
Working environment Voltage Humidity Temperature
220±10%/50HZ/5A 5%-7% 10℃∽35℃
Requirements of computer Operating system Windows XP,Windows7(32-bit),Vista  
Others CD driver,Mouse,Keyboard and at least 2 USB port  

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