Quality Assurance for LX

We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible. From first visit to order delivery, we want you to be completely satisfied with our service.

PEAK GLASS warrants CO2 laser tubes against defects products within warranty period. During this period, we will replace defective products with new products, without charge to you. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees both to and from Peak Glass. We’re not responsible for lost package or any damage happened to the return package.

The warranty is on the basis of the following conditions:

1 This warranty begins at buying products by buyers.

2 This warranty covers only normal use of the CO2 laser tubes. PEAK GLASS is unable to take responsibility of (a) improper installation; (b) failure to clean laser tube, failure to clean laser focusing lens and laser reflector mirrors or failure to properly store the laser in a proper environment. (c) The power supply doesn’t match the laser tube.

3 The replacement of warranty begins to the laser tube sent by us.

4 This warranty does not apply to special orders or laser products.


Return of products:

1 The appearance of laser products should be in good condition.

2 Please verify that the focusing lens and laser reflector can not be polluted, cut or splitted.

3 Obtain a Return Authorization Number

4 Please provide the following information when requesting a Return Authorization number: original order number, item number, reason for return, your name, your telephone and e-mail address


We makes every effort to provide you best quality laser products.


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